Maybe this will catch your eye when the snow is hitting the fan.

The Maine Department of Transportation and the Maine Turnpike Authority are slowing adding green flashing lights to their plow trucks. After a little bit of testing and research in other states, it was determined that the green flashing lights may show up better in certain winter situations.

When [amber] lights get overused they lose their effect of getting people to slow down and be cautious about what's going in that area.”  So, maybe just maybe the green flashing lights will help in heavy snow or whiteout situations.

If all it takes is a different color every few years to get people's attention in a Maine snowstorm, what will we have to look forward to next? Purple? Doubtful.

The new green flashing lights on certain Maine plow trucks are the result of a new law passed this spring by the state that allows the lights use on state vehicles only. Everyone else will still have to be satisfied using both amber and red lights.

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