Do you remember how it all went down a year ago this week? Monday seemed somewhat normal. We were hearing things in California and Italy about COVID-19. Yes, we used to call it COVID-19. We've since dropped the 19. We started the week with about 1000 cases in the US. There were none in Maine. By Thursday of the week, Maine had its first confirmed case. That was over 47,000 cases ago-roughly the population of Auburn and South Portland combined. Sports teams' seasons were halted. Concerts canceled. Schools prepared students to start remote learning. Our President said that it would all be over by Easter. I thought that was a bit premature but was certain that we would have the all-clear by Summer. I did not know what a ZOOM call was, let alone know how to figure out how to do a live morning radio show from home. Everything was about to change. And nothing would ever be the same again.

I went back and took a look at all the articles we posted on the WBLM app and website from a year ago. It broke my heart. It wasn't just the headlines. It was the realization of all that we have lost in a year. Look back at the Blimp website. It seems like both 100 years ago and 5 seconds ago. This is the week that was...March 8-14th, 2020.

March 2020 WBLM


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