One of my favorite websites to peruse is I just love virtual shopping for homes that I can never have, and this one is a dream.

This home on the Shore Rd. in Cape Elizabeth is is one of the biggest on Maine's waterfront and it is full of character and Maine vibes.

It is a massive 15,455 square feet with eight bedrooms, eight and a half baths and sits on five and a half acres of oceanfront. Santa, please? BTW, the price is 7,950,000. That's right, almost 8 million dollars.

This is just a hallway, but it is beyond.

The views are amazing. Even though it is gigantic it feels cozy and enveloping. There are over 16 gorgeous rooms and the property includes a private beach, pool, tennis court, separate four bedroom guest house and over 600 feet of Atlantic frontage.

To add to the drama, it's perched 30 feet above the water. Where is my breath? it's gone.

Imagine having a dinner party or a family holiday in this beautiful dining room.

Here is the backyard with a lovely little pool and an idylic view. Someone mix me a T&T please.

Two kitchen islands is so extra and I just love how warm it feels. I can smell fresh baked bread and it's making my heart melt.

The living room is elegant and overlooks the ocean. I would love to watch a summer storm or snow falling from these couches.

Do you need a piano room for your piano collection? This home has that.

One of my very favorite features of this home is the two story library. The woodwork is gorgeous. This is the upstairs...

This is downstairs. Magical, no? A fireplace, a rocking chair and floor to ceiling books is my fantsasy spot.

Is there a magical Maine home that you would love to peak into? Almost every old home in Wiscasset and the old mansions on the West End of Portland are on my list. Comment on our fan page.