The Beatles last live show was on this date in 1969, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary, this Maine band got together at WBLM's studio for a special rooftop performance.

Neither a chilling polar vortex nor 6 inches of snow could stop the Jeff Beam Band from playing this unannounced show for the surprised people of Portland.



At about noon, the members of the band took to the rooftop and began playing a set that included "Get Back," "One After 909," and more. People crowded around down below to enjoy the music of the Beatles despite the chilly temperatures.


According to the Rolling Stone, the Beatles had decided to perform at Apple Records’ London office on Jan. 30, hoping to film the conclusion for one of their films.

At the same time, it wound up being the final performance from the band, Billboard stated.

Here's a clip from the rooftop performance in 1969:

The Beatles clearly live on today through their music, and what better way to honor them and their last gig than with a local band performing classics for the people down below.

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