According to WMTW, state biologists are taking part in the annual Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife cub survey and visiting over 70 bear dens.

The survey provides important information about Maine's bear population. The babies are weighed and tagged, mama bear gets tagged too.

Warden Jonathan Parker took plenty of pictures to share on Facebook.

Facebook/ Warden Jonathan Parker

Maine is home to over 35,000 bears. These cubs were born in January and they are unbelievably adorable.

Facebook/ Warden Jonthan Parker


Facebook/Warden Jonathan Parker

Mama bear was tagged after being sedated. The wardens rub cedar oil over the bears to mask the smell of the humans who handled them.

Facebook/ Warden Jonathan Parker

The picture below is my favorite. I'm so jealous that this guy had a baby bear snuggling him. He looks so calm like this is an every day event. Maybe I should become a Maine Game Warden, I need a baby bear snuggle.

Facebook/ Warden Jonathan Parker