We love watching Ashley, Ryan, Chase, Jedi, Dixie and the crew on the hit makeover TV show Maine Cabin Masters and we have for years now.

Our friends now have headquarters in Manchester that we can visit. In January, they opened a destination on Route 202 in Manchester just outside of Augusta called the Kennebec Cabin Company.

It's a place where fans of the show can do some shopping for cool MCM crafts and quality tools. You might even be lucky enough to say hello to the stars while you're there. They've been know to be around and are always ready to say hello and snap a picture.

Since August, the odds of being able to hang out with the Maine Cabin Masters are even better. That's because there's beer up there now at their Woodshed Tasting Room. They love Maine brews, we love Maine brews. So this is a beautiful thing, to be sure.

They've been having socially distant fun with live music and food trucks outside for the past few months. Now they will be hosting a benefit concert to raise money for another one of our favorite places, Portland House of Music and Events. Live music venues have been severely impacted by the pandemic. So let's do what we can to help keep them going until it's safe to rock out in a crowd again.

We've seen many posters in the window of that great venue that's right across the street from us at One City Center promoting The Maine Dead Project. Safe to say, they are pretty much the house band. Therefore, it is fantastic to see that this is the band playing the benefit show up at the Woodshed Tasting Room.

The event is scheduled for November 14. It sold out very quickly due to the limited capacity as a result of Maine's Covid 19 guidelines. Here's some awesome news for folks that missed out on tickets.

According to a post today on the Woodshed Tasting Room Facebook page, the show will be streamed live. You can also make a donation help our friends at Portland House of Music and Events during if you are willing and able.


Maine Cabin Masters airs Monday nights at 9pm on the DiY network.

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