You frequently hear messages on the radio, TV and social media reminding you that buzzed driving is in fact drunk driving. That has become even more important to remember after a recent string of OUI arrests in one Maine city.

According to WGME 13, South Portland police have seen a recent uptick in the number of drunk drivers they have pulled over and arrested. Even more concerning than that, is they say many of the drivers they have stopped indicated they didn't think they were too intoxicated to drive.

This serves as a stark reminder that with alcohol, a little can go a long way. And, Maine's legal limit of .08 to be behind the wheel, doesn't actually take much to achieve. For example, according to DUI Driving Laws.Org, one drink for a woman weighing 140 pounds has the potential to increase her blood alcohol content to .05%. That same drink and weight class for a man could reach .04% BAC

The chart below is a good starting point, and though it could never be 100% accurate for each individual and drink, it provides a good starting point for understanding just how much one's BAC can go up just from one drink.

So, from one Mainer to another, stay safe on the roads out there!

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