"Working On A Dream", Bruce Springsteen (2009) - The title track of Bruce's 16th studio album just makes me cringe. Okay, the live-at-the-Super-Bowl-Half-Time-show version was borderline acceptable and yes, there are a lot of things worse than The Boss in goin'-thru-the-motions mode, but this one? Ugh. Vague sincerity ain't a good look here.

"Ebony And Ivory", Paul McCartney (1982) - You're going to say this one's just too obvious a pick and you'd be right. But since it's the last song on Side Two of "Tug Of War" which is otherwise actually one of Macca's best full-length albums, you can almost forgive him. Almost. Schmaltz is schmaltz and that's that.

"Athena", The Who (1982) - The lead single on their worst album, for starters. Roger Daltrey sounds like he's struggling throughout the whole "It's Hard" LP, especially on this track. Add in the fact that when you listen closer (if you can take it), this song reveals how non-threatening they were without Keith Moon and when John Entwistle's usual bass thunder is nowhere to be found.

"Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?", Rod Stewart - 1978 saw its share of many artists getting eaten alive by the disco bug. Too bad because it really didn't have to be that way. Yet here it is, seven years after producing the masterpiece LP "Every Picture Tells a Story", the 100% full-fledged sell-out of a once vibrant talent.

"As Tears Go By", The Rolling Stones - This 1965 single put it out there for the world to see and hear: they were never going to be The Beatles. The original Marianne Faithfull version was "cute" enough anyway, so they should have left well enough alone.

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