According to the Kennebec Journal, a Turner couple is starting out the year in a big way after winning a million dollars on a Maine State Lottery scratch ticket.

The year didn't start out the greatest for Glenn Theriault and Stephanie Lemieux as they had to put their dog down this spring, though the year ended on a much different note than it started. The Turner couple owns Green Thumb Pharm and frequently purchase lottery tickets at Food City in Turner. The couple saves up their winners and then go in and cash them in to buy more. Well, on their most recent swap-out, they won big.

On Tuesday, December 29th, the couple went to Turner's Food City and purchased 25 of the $35 tickets and headed home to relax and scratch them off. Convinced that their must be a decent sized winner in the pile, they went to work searching through the $625 worth of scratch tickets.

After the couple had found a $50 winner and a couple of $30 winners, Theriault reportedly karate-chopped the arm of his recliner while shouting that he couldn't believe it. He got up and did a little dance in the living room while exclaiming to his fiancé that they had just won a million dollars.

After calming down from the excitement that took a photo of the ticket and brought it to a safety deposit box at the bank so while they made an appointment to take it into the lottery office and cash it in.

After paying the 29% taxes on the winnings, the couple will end up with about $710,000 in cash. They have already gone back to Food City and given $1,000 to the store manager and to the clerk who sold them the winning ticket. As for their grand plans? The couple plans to use the winnings to expedite the expansion of their business, buy a good-sized camp in Rangeley and get some snowmobiles or ATVs... or both!


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