It may be tough to find a classic diner in some parts of the country, but there's no denying -- Mainers LOVE them some diners, and there's definitely no trouble finding one in the 207, especially along the coast.

But (and this will absolutely be arguable since we ALL have our absolute favorite diner spot) there may be no more iconic Maine diner than THE Maine Diner on Route 1 in Wells. Lending even more support to this claim? The fact that Maine Diner was featured on The Phantom Gourmet yesterday via their Facebook page.

Honestly, one of the coolest parts about this place, isn't just the fact that whether you're ordering breakfast or lunch, you're getting a killer meal -- okay, well, that IS a pretty cool part. But one of the other coolest parts is that the staff and management at Maine Diner never get too big for their britches, and they show love and appreciation back to those who highlight them or just regularly visit.

For example, when Guy Fieri showcased Maine Diner on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives back in 2010, what menu item popped up on their menu? "The Triple D" -- the three classics (seafood chowder, lobster pie, codfish cake) that were featured on the show.

"The Jim Nantz" pays homage to the fact that Jim Nantz of CBS Sports is a big fan of the simple combo of seafood chowder with a hot or cold lobster roll. And, in fact, since yesterday wasn't the first time Maine Diner has been featured on Phantom Gourmet, they even offer "The 'Phantom' Platter" -- which is an assortment of some "Phantom" favorites (seafood chowder, 8 oz. sirloin, 2 baked stuffed shrimp, 5 oz. baked scallops and homemade onion rings.)

See who else is honored and the rest of the insanely extensive menu at Maine Diner!

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