According to News Center Maine, Nellie, a Great Pyrenees mix, has been found after being away from home for five months. According to Maine Lost Dog Recovery, Nellie who is from Addison, turned up 60 miles away from home in Calais. Our girl took a road trip and somehow survived her trek.

Maine Lost Dog Recovery said that the community helped to keep Nellie in the area after being spotted, because they put food out for her. Nellie was finally trapped and returned home where I imagine she took a nice warm bubble bath, had a big meal and slept for three days.

Never give up on a lost dog, there are miracle stories every day of pets reuniting with their families.

The Humane Society has some recommendations if your dog should get lost:

  • Prepare for such an event by making sure your doggo has a collar with an ID tag that has least your full phone number on it. Ask your veterinarian about a microchip as a permanent way for your dog to be identified.
  • Act immediately, don't wait to see if your pet will come home. Don't waste time, let your neighborhood know he's missing and ask for help searching.
  • Look for places that your pet could have become trapped.
  • Call their name but make sure to stop and listen for their cries.
  • Put food out to lure them back home.
  • Call your local animal control officer and check shelters every day. Leave a description of your pet with them along with your contact information.
  • Make "Lost Pet" signs with your dog's picture

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