According to WGME, a new hands-free law is going into effect for Maine drivers on September 19.

There is no grace period, so if you usually hold your phone while you drive, you'd better break that habit quick.

The first violation is a $50 fine, the second will cost you $250, according to the news station.

The only legal way to communicate while driving is to be completely hands free through bluetooth, WGME reported, and Siri can help you out by reading your messages and such if you're hands free. Otherwise, you'll have to pull over.

Here's more information if you're driving without bluetooth, according to WGME:

  • You can't hold your phone to read a text or touch your phone for any reason at a red light. That one's going to be my biggest temptation.
  • Need to reset your GPS? You have to pull over to do it.
  • The only time you can make a call is in the case of an emergency: to call the police. A personal emergency doesn't count.
  • You don't have to actually be exhibiting distracted driving to be pulled over, merely holding it in your hand is reason enough for a ticket.
  • If your phone is in the cup holder or dash board mount, you can not touch the screen to compose a text, check social media, change GPS, etc.
  • If that phone in the cup holder is set up for it, you are allowed to ask Siri to read your messages to you. However, you can not have her compose a text for you. You will have to pull over to reply. It is illegal to text in any manner while driving.
  • You can wear bluetooth or remote headphones while you are driving.
  • You can't touch your phone while idling at a red light, but you can if you are pulled over in a safe area and the car is idling.

These are just some of the new rules, the Maine Dept. of Transportation will be working to get the word out over the next few weeks.

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