News Center Maine reports that a South Portland funeral home is trying to give the families who have lost loved ones during the Coronavirus crisis as much support as they can through "Hugs From Home".

Maine gathering limitations only allow five people to attend wakes and funerals, and those attending must keep a six foot distance from each other, according to the news station.

Grieving in the time of Coronavirus runs completely counter to what most of us need after losing someone. We are used to teary hugs and whispered words of support, a room full of people, some who you haven't seen in so long but that have come to squeeze your hand and let you know that they care.

The Conroy-Tully Walker Funeral Home is dealing with Maine's gathering limitations due to COVID-19 by providing a free service called, "Hugs From Home".

This South Portland funeral home has come up with a touching service; those who can not attend the funeral or wake can call the funeral home or text them to have a message written on a card that is attached to a white balloon for the family to see and read.

A room full of white balloons with memories, supportive words or funny stories helps to ease the loneliness of grief for some families.

Across the world funeral directors are making plans with families over the phone and through video chats.

In some places mourners are allowed only to drive by the cemetery during the funeral, others are sharing the funeral services on Facebook Live or other streaming apps.

Nothing can replace the nearness of friends and family and physical touch, but it is heartwarming on its own that so much thought is going into how we must say goodbye right now.

There will come a time when we can be together to mourn those we are losing in this moment, but until then a white balloon has become our stand in for a hug and a symbol of love and support.

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