Will sunglasses protect our eyes during the partial eclipse, or do we need to find special glasses?

According to NASA, Sunglasses will not protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays, and according to Eclipse2017.org we do need to wear special glasses for the partial eclipse that we will experience in our little corner of the world on August 22nd. WGME ran an article done by Sinclair Broadcast Group that cleared up a lot of questionsand kinda' scared the poop outta' me since I was planning on chilling with my Ray Bans and a box of wine. Not a great idea! Our retinas don't have pain sensors, so we can damage them without even feeling it! DO NOT let your kids look at our partial eclipse without special Solar Eclipse Glasses and practice what you preach and don't do it either. I got eclipse glasses super cheap on Amazon.com. Know of anyone selling them locally? Share it on our Fan Page!

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