After seeing month after month of little to no rain across Maine, it finally showed up and came down hard. Maybe this is just nature correcting itself, but it sure would be nice if we didn't get all this rain at once.

Heavy rains came down all over the state overnight Tuesday and when it finally subsided, rainfall amounts ranged from around 2 inches to the jackpot of 4.41 inches in Rockland.

"We need the rain," is what everyone says, and they're right. That was a good needed soaking thanks to what was left of Hurricane Delta. This map from the National Weather Service in Gray shows the rainfall amounts in various locations reported by weather spotters.

Ready to do it all over again?

According to this 3-day rainfall map from the National Weather Service, we've got the chance of another one to two inches for most of Maine Friday night and through the day on Saturday.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Well, at least it's not snow right? 

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