What's a better Christmas present than being able to see family for the holidays, especially family that's been away for a significant amount of time?

Fortunately for one Maine grandmother, not only did she receive the gift of family, the gift came early.

News Center Maine has the story of a Marine, gone for nearly two years, who made sure to stop and visit his grandmother.

Lee Forsythe, who lives at a senior center in Bangor, got a very welcome surprise when her grandson, Kyle, paid a visit on Monday.

Originally from Verona Island, Kyle now lives in California serving with the United States Marine Corps, the news station reported. He's home for a three-week vacation, according to News Center Maine, and he made sure one of his first stops was to see his 84-year-old grandmother.

News Center Maine cameras were there to catch the reunion between the two. Lee clearly was surprised, as Kyle came up behind her with flowers.

According to Solstice Senior Living, guests have been few and far between over the last few years. A mixture of COVID-19 regulations and common sense health precautions are the main reasons.

However, those regulations are starting to loosen. And not a day too soon.

What a heartwarming story to get you in the Christmas spirit. An honorable young man understanding the value of family, especially during the holiday season. With all the negativity seen daily in this country, it's wonderful to be able to witness a reunion nearly two years in the making.

Merry Christmas to Lee, Kyle and the entire Forsythe family. I hope more families get to experience this unbridled join this holiday season.

Check out News Center Maine's reunion video below.

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