According to News Center Maine, as shops and restaurants are reopening they are following CDC guidelines; employees are wearing masks, social distancing and using hand sanitizer frequently to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Signs are posted asking customers to do the same and many are; however some people have been downright rude and have harassed employees for wearing masks and are refusing to wear them when asked.

In the midst of a pandemic when people are getting sick and businesses have been suffering there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to be a jackhole. It's disappointing that there has to be an actual campaign asking people to be kind. If you can't be kind, then at least don't be a jerk. Don't want to wear a mask in a store that requires them? Don't shop there, but don't harass the employee for doing their job.

Behavior has been bad enough that the Retail Association of Maine along with the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce and Maine Grocers and Food Producers Association got together and created the "Let's Be Kind" campaign. Guys, this is like your parents and your friends' parents getting together to discuss what they should do with their unruly middle schoolers.

Can't we do better than this? Please be civil, everyone is stressed. Some of these people are just returning to work and they might have a medical condition or elderly parents at home who's health they worry about. You don't know their life. Please be kind. We don't have much control over our world right now, but we do control how we treat others.

Thank you to the girl who was working in a hot shop in the Old Port with no A/C, I could still I see you smile behind your mask as I checked out. Thank you to the other shoppers who were practically giddy to be shopping again and were being considerate about distancing as we took turns looking at shirts on a circular rack. I was nervous about shopping for the first time in four months, but I truly enjoyed my half hour in that hot store because people were so nice. Just like I remembered them, and the reason that I missed them.

The "Let's Be Kind" campaign is on social media and posters are up in businesses. Public service announcements will begin on T.V. in July and will air all over Maine.

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