Lobsters? Rotaries? Bean boots? Moxie drinkers? What is it??


It's old people. Yup. We are, by far, the oldest state and have been for years.

According to the Portland Press Herald:

Maine has for years held the distinction of being the country’s oldest state. Overall, its population has grown by about 7,500 since 2010, to 1.33 million last year, according to the most recent estimates. But the ratio of old to young has ballooned. Last year, 252,634 people under the age of 18 lived in Maine, almost 22,000 fewer than seven years ago. Over the same period, the estimated number of people age 65 or over grew by more than 55,000, to 266,214 – almost 20 percent of the state’s entire population.



The average age of Mainers is 44.6 years. The national average is 38. I've always found it amazing that one of the toughest states to live in is also the oldest!

I think I know why...it's hard to leave this state. It's too awesome.

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