So, if you haven't heard the news, according to News Center Maine, as of today, if you're traveling outside of Maine and you're not going to either Vermont or New Hampshire, there are new travel restrictions. This means you have to quarantine for 14 days or have a negative covid test Within 72 hours of returning to the state.

Just recently, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, as well as New York State, were put back in the bad books, and today those restrictions go into action as Covid infections are on the rise. Last week, an article said that Maine is where the COVID-19 virus is the fastest replicating in the country. There is no word on whether lockdowns are going to be imposed or what other restrictions will be considered at this time.

“Like most people in Maine, I am extremely concerned about the spread of this virus as we head into the holiday season when we customarily gather with friends and family, often in neighboring states,” [T]o preserve our ability to travel while protecting the health of our loved ones no matter where they live, visitors from Massachusetts and Maine people returning from Massachusetts must now test negative for COVID-19 or quarantine when coming to Maine. "Gov. Mill said in a recent statement.

Meanwhile, we know that new safety measures and restrictions were put in place in the state of Michigan, which has residents upset, and people are wondering if similar rollbacks will be in place for Maine more sooner than later. Some of the restrictions include eating inside restaurants and working out at gyms and gathering sizes for small crowds.

Do you think Maine's limits are stringent enough for what's going on with the rising rates of covid? Or are you more in favor of getting rid of all of the restrictions and going on as we did before? I would love to hear from you.


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