Maine could become the 19th state to adopt the Motor-Voter Law that allows citizens to register to vote when they do business with the D.M.V.

Governor Janet Mills still has to sign off on the law.

Instead of waiting in line on voting day or at City Hall, we would have the choice to choose a party and register to vote while getting a new driver's license or renewing one. You could automatically be registered in your precinct based on your address. The goal is to get more Mainers to participate in government.

There are those against it though. Opponents say it's an unnecessary expense because it will cost about $140,000 dollars to set up. But no worries there, it's covered by federal money from the 2018 Help America Vote Act as an election security grant. Some have concerns that it might cause more expenses for Maine government which already has one of the highest voting rates in the country. I'm so proud of that, we can't have too many voters in my opinion.

Mainers would still be able to register to vote at their city hall or at Election Day polls and could opt out to register through the D.M.V..


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