There are some icons that are associated with Maine; Stephen King, Anna Kendrick, Patrick Dempsey and 207.

Our area code is a big part of our identity, television shows and CD's of local music are named after it and it's a strong identifier in business as well. Our Maine state area code is part of our brand, but according to WMTW, Maine could run out of available 207 phone numbers by 2024. The Maine Public Utilities Commission is asking the FCC to try a new program that changes the way blocks of phone numbers are released and "reserved", with many being unused but also unavailable.

New Hampshire is in the same boat as us, their 603 area code phone number pool is also running out. They are exploring similar options, having also filed a request with the FCC. Maine and New Hampshire are part of a handful of states that have only one area code.

Oh, there is an exception way up in northern Maine. Estcourt Station is Maine's northern most municipality and they use a Quebec area code.

Area codes are sometimes such an identifier of a state or city that they've become very desirable, enough so that individuals and business are spending up to six figures to purchase numbers that include prestigious area codes. It's like making a good first impression, when someone sees that area code they immediatley attach an image of a certain lifestyle with it.

Keku is an app that provides desirable area code phone numbers for the low rental rate of $9.99 a month.

These are the top ten most desirable area codes according to Keko. Maine did not make the cut:

  1. (650) South San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley California
  2. (202) Washington D.C.
  3.  Three-way tie: (310) L.A., (818) Hollywood and (626) Pasadena
  4. (917) New York, N.Y.
  5. (718) New York, N.Y.
  6. (512) Austin, Texas
  7. (312) Chicago, Illinois
  8. (415) San Francisco
  9. (617) Boston
  10. (305) Miami and the Florida Keys

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