According to, Maine likes to get it's drink on. They speculate that Mainers drink more to stay warm and because we have a smaller religious population compared to the southern states, where they are more likely not to binge drink.

Quote Wizard defined heavy drinking as men having 14 or more drinks a week and women having more than seven drinks a week. The study also showed that, (no surprise here), there is a link between heavy drinking and DUIs.

The least boozy states are:

46. New Jersey- that was a shocker to me

47. Mississippi

48. Oklahoma

49. Utah

50. West Virginia

Meanwhile, in the northeast we are staying warm with Fireball and Allen's Coffee Brandy. They're drinking in Hawaii because they are on permanent vacation.

The most boozy states are:

  1. Vermont
  2. Hawaii
  3. Maine
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Alaska

Unfortunately, Maine also ranked number one in the country for bad drivers in this study. Be safe out there.

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