Maine's largest state park has gained national recognition from a popular publication.

The website Travel Awaits recently released an article on the best state parks to visit in the United States. Maine's Baxter State Park was among the ones selected for this prestigious list. And it wasn't just selected, it was ranked as the 2nd best in the nation.

Russell Pond on an Autumn Afternoon, in Baxter State Park, Maine
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Located in Piscataquis County in North-Central Maine, Baxter State Park is a 200,000+ acre playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The park is known for its pristine waters, beautiful scenery, world class hiking, unique wildlife, and outstanding camping.

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Baxter is also home to many of Maine's tallest peaks, including Mount Katahdin (the northern tip of the Appalachian Trail), Baxter and Hamlin Peaks, North and South Brother, Double Top, and many others. And many are easily connected by the park's trail system. It truly is a hiker's playground.

Here is a little of why Travel Awaits included Baxter State Park.

Hikers can challenge themselves with the strenuous but rewarding climb to the summit (of Mount Katahdin), while wildlife enthusiasts can spot moose, black bears, and other native fauna in their natural habitat. Baxter State Park truly encapsulates the raw beauty of the Maine wilderness.

Baxter was not the only New England state park selected for this article. New Hampshire's legendary Franconia Notch State Park was also selected, and even chosen as the number one park in the entire country. Not bad for the picturesque park that features the immaculate Echo Lake.

As for Baxter, I guess it can settle in as the second-best park in the nation. I think that's still a pretty solid honor for a park that is a perfect representation of Maine's natural beauty and grace.

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