According to News Center Maine, the holidays could be a lot less stressful for us while benefiting the Iris Network and supporting people who are blind or visually impaired.

I was not born with the wrapping gene. You know the one, you've seen it hard at work allowing those born with it to never get a wrapping paper paper-cut, never run out of Scotch tape and most of all they always cut the perfect size piece of paper for the present. I'm the opposite; ten minutes in I'm out of tape, the paper is bloody from my paper-cuts and I have three pieces of paper cut too small for the package that I'm trying to wrap. Time to reach out to the professionals and help out a fantastic organization a s well.

The Iris Network has set up two wrapping stations in the Maine Mall, one in front of what used to be Filene's, then Bon Ton, and another at The Maine Mall gift wrapping area. There will be other non-profits throughout the season offering gift wrapping as well.

How fantastic will it feel to shop and return home with everything wrapped and ready to go? I'm in!

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