A 2,340 solar panel array has been installed and now they're just waiting for installation of a foot pad walkway system before they power it up.

Most people didn't even know that the Maine Mall was installing solar panels on the roof, which itself was in need of repairs before the panels could be installed. The company that did the installation, Strata Solar, of North Carolina, had to first replace 165,000 square feet of old roof at the mall, where the first building, Jordan Marsh, was constructed in 1969 and much of the rest that was built in the early 1970s, according to a story on MaineBiz.com. The Maine Mall installation is one of several recent solar installations by Strata Solar in South Portland, you can also see their work at InterMed on Foden Road where they just installed a 260 solar panel array.

The new solar panels will cut down on electricity costs, according to the article, the 795.6 kilowatt hour DC system at the mall has an annual planned production of 986,200 kilowatt hours.

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