A Maine man will appear on an upcoming special episode of what could be the most difficult reality/game shows of all time.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Ryan Holt of Roxbury, Maine will be featured on a special three hour episode of the show. Holt has competed on the series before, but this episode will be entirely focused on him, surviving in the woods. Alone. And Naked.

Not many details of the episode are available. As you would imagine, they want to keep those under wraps, so that folks will tune in.

It seems that Ryan is no stranger to being a survivalist. He has a YouTube channel, with some pretty entertaining videos.

I would love to challenge myself by doing something like this, but the reality for me that is hard to admit is that I probably just wouldn't make it. I'm sure I'd be crying for my mommy less than an hour in.

Catch Ryan's episode of Naked and Afraid January 26th at 8pm on the Discovery Channel.

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