I recently got a jar of honey from Dom (yeah, the Blimp's Dom). Along with being a musician, a radio personality and a busy father of two, he somehow also finds time for beekeeping.

The honey is delicious and it goes great with peanut butter on waffles in the morning. Well, now there's another sweet natural delight that I may have too alternate with Dom's honey. It's time to add in the honey from the tree along with the honey from the bee.

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A wicked popular topping for pancakes, french toast, crepes, ice cream and more will be in the spotlight this weekend...yummy Maine Maple Syrup.

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There are celebrations all weekend but most stuff is happening on Sunday for Maine Maple Sunday!

The fourth Sunday of March is an annual open house for participating Maine sugarhouses. Most are hosting tours along with sampling their syrup and other scrumptious treats.

Check out this great story done by our friends at News Center Maine in Lucerne. It's a touching piece about carrying on the family tradition and passion for making maple syrup in Maine.