When Ellen Nelson's 23-year-old daughter moved out of the house in Kennebunk to live in Miami, this mom of five says she had a hard time adjusting. She found the best way to cope with the nest that was a little emptier was to create TikTok videos of quick and easy recipes to share with her daughter and other older children. Those recipes caught the attention of TikTok users and now she has nearly 20,000 followers.

Her TikTok page called "Mom's Easy To Follow Recipes" features quick videos demonstrating easy recipes that even people like me who barely know how to make a bowl of cereal can handle. There's something for everyone here from an all American chili cheese dog to pâté chinois. Don't know what that is? Neither did I until I watched Ellen's video. French Canadians call it pâté chinois but here in Maine we call it shepherd's pie.

This is TikTok, so like all videos on the fastest growing social media site, Ellen's videos move fast! You might have to grab a screenshot of the recipe ingredients as they aren't on the screen for long.

Some of Ellen's most popular dishes include these amazing looking cream cheese chicken and bacon bites which has 150K views.


The easiest cheesecake you can make with 106K views.


And her recipe for the best grilled chicken thighs with a whopping 255K views!


Hopefully Ellen's kids are feeling a bit more like they're back home here in Maine with her TikTok recipes, but we're all glad that she's sharing these quick and easy recipes with the world. Since I'm still on a diet, I'm going to start with Ellen's Greek salad.

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