With all that's going on right now, it's pretty comforting to hear the news that our state is viewed as being the safest. This likely isn't a big shock to my fellow Mainers. Feeling safe and sound in this beautiful place is why most of us choose to stay right put.

A neighbor and I were just chatting the other day about how blessed we are to live in a place where we feel confident to let the kids loose on our streets, knowing that everyone who lives there is keeping an eye out.

So what is it about Maine that makes it the safest place for our families. Is it some kind of magic energy the lovingly permeates the air? Well, I believe the answer to that is, yes.

However, there is also real data that tells us that Maine is generally out of harm's way. I gotta say when ever I watch the news, I leave it thinking that I sure am glad my family and I are here.

Now here comes the real data from the personal finance website, Wallethub. The great state of Maine is listed at #1 on their list of "2020's Safest States In America".

Other New England states made the Top 10 as well. Vermont is #2, Massachusetts is #7, New Hampshire is #8 and Rhode Island is #10.

Two big contributors to Maine getting the top spot was scoring a #1 rank in 'Personal and Residential Safety' and a #1 rank in 'Road Safety'.

Way to go Mainers! Nice to know we not only say this is "the way life should be". We're #1 at it!

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