Trisha Murphy, a server at Denny's in Ellsworth, was having one of those days. Her Christmas shopping wasn't done, her car had just been towed and she was struggling to figure out how she would get enough money for gifts for her children.

That all changed when a customer decided to play Santa asking her to cash him out instead of the hostess. Tracy shared the story on her Facebook page.


When I gave him the bill, he told me I had to cash him out. I let him know that the hostess does that. He insisted I go to the register and cash him out. I thought it a little odd, but obliged anyway. When he put his card in, he had a huge, ear to ear, smile. The receipt printed and I almost collapsed! I looked up at this grungy looking man, my face as white as snow, and tears in my eyes. He just smiled again and said "merry Christmas dear", and almost danced out of the restaurant. He came back in to make sure I didn't have a heart attack. I still might! I don't know this man's name, but I hope he realizes that he literally saved Christmas for my children and I! Good people do still exist. Yesterday was the day I met Santa!

The man and others he was with had a $35 bill from some sodas, pot roast and a spicy skillet, and the tip was $500. By the sound of it, the man was just as excited to have done a good deed as Trisha was to receive it.

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