If spring fever hasn't kicked in yet, it almost certainly will next week for people across the state of Maine. That's because forecast models are promising a pair of days where temperatures will reach the 50's and potential even touch 60 degrees, a wild jump from the solid 30 degree or below temperatures Maine has endured for the last several months.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, as it stands now, Thursday and Friday of next week are looking like a sneak preview of what Maine generally sees in April. After a cold front moves out this weekend, temperatures should sit in the 40's most of next week before even warmer temps push their way up from the south on Thursday and Friday. If the forecast holds, you can almost be positive you'll see people in shorts and tank tops because this is Maine and we'll pretend its summer if we want to.

The bad news? The EURO and GFS forecast models have had a rough few months. They've both whiffed multiple times on snow storms as well as temperature prediction. Mainers are likely willing to forgive months of mistakes if those forecast models could just be right next week.

If you're a winter enthusiast and hoping desperately for one more big push from the weather gods, it won't be coming any time soon. Long range models are not promising any significant storm systems or conditions that would suggest a major event like a nor'easter. We've seen snow in April or even May before, but so far, 2021 feels different.

So bust out the shorts and hope for some heat next week. Spring is almost here.

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