With the advent of social media, the public's help in identifying persons of interest has proven to be a valuable tool for Police Departments all over Maine. It also doesn't hurt that security cameras are now inexpensive and easy to install just about anywhere, so if someone has committed a crime, there's a good chance they were caught on camera and someone out there can identify them to help police in their search.

The Maine State Police has one of those persons of interest that they are looking for help identifying right now.

There's not much information as to why police are looking for the man other than to say it's in reference to a stolen vehicle from Lyman. Possibly this man stole said vehicle or knows someone who might have. Perhaps this van shown in the video capture was the vehicle stolen. We don't know for sure, we can only speculate.

The man they are looking for has long hair. I would even go so far as to call it a mullet. He's wearing sunglasses on a rainy day, which is odd, but you do you. He has a beard and is wearing a pullover sweatshirt with his hands tucked up in the sleeves. It's been cold out lately. Colder than we're used to, so that makes sense.

Police say he may have ties to the Southern Maine area, which is where Lyman is, or the China, Maine area.

Lots of questions here, but we'll leave the details to the police.

If you think you may know who this man is, you can contact Trooper Ben Handzel anonymously at 207-624-7076 extension 9.

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