The heroes at the Maine State Police are looking for your help on a hit and run that happened on Shiloh Road in Durham. The accident happened around 8:30 on Thursday evening. Two teenage girls were on their bikes when one of them was hit.

An unknown type white Jeep S.U.V. with white lettering on the back approached them and appeared to lose control as the vehicle approached. The Jeep struck one of the girls bikes causing her to fall off and damage her ankle. The Jeep’s female operator slowed down and backed up to check on the girl’s status without seeing if she needed further assistance before driving off. 

Take a look at that bike. It's pretty crushed! This accident could have been MUCH worse, so thank goodness that one of the girls only had a hurt ankle. That being said, backing up and "checking on the status" of someone you've just hit is not OK.  By the look of the picture, there's no doubt that the driver knew she had potentially really hurt someone. Any help you can give our heroes at the Maine State Police would be greatly appreciated.  If you live on Shiloh Road or newer that area in Durham, check any surveillance or security cameras or doorbells you may have on your property to see if that white Jeep SUV drove by around the time of the accident. Please contact Trooper Burke at 207-624-7022 if you have any information.

And let's be careful out there!



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