Just to get by on a daily basis, rain or shine, I speak my affirmations and mantras.

Gentle reminders to yourself throughout the day are uplifting and an important exercise to maintain a positive state of mind, especially through the rough times.

Maine in the winter is, simply put, a rough time.

I’m not a big winter guy and as someone who recently lived in Miami, I don’t get along well with the cold. I have to remind myself there are greener pastures ahead and the icy days are temporary.

Unless you believe a groundhog can predict the weather…Then, in that case, winter is sticking around a little longer.

Kristen, or as Tik Tok knows her, notyouraveragethrpst, gets through her Maine winters with this mantra:

She’s not wrong…

Maine may have some vicious winter days where the temperatures drop below freezing and the snow accumulates so aggressively that you’re stuck inside like a hermit, but at least we don’t have earthquakes, hurricanes, or alligators.

Buuuut, again, as someone who recently lived in Florida, alligators are less of a problem than these -5 degree days we’ve been having. We’ve been in the midst of a long cold streak and it’s getting to the point where I very well may prefer tussling around with a croc than wrestling with my car door frozen shut.

Regardless, I’ll take the snow over a natural disaster. Rain, shine, or sleet, Maine is a safe space where I don’t have to curl up in a bathtub if I see dark clouds forming. My guilty pleasure is watching tornado and tsunami videos on Youtube which make our snowstorms not seem so bad…

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