This is not a member of the Shoestring Theater this is Matt and he is drywalling our dining room along with another talented guy named Blaine. They were hard at work during Friday's snowstorm, even though our cul de sac was impassable for Blaine's car.

No matter what the weather is, trades people all over Maine need to make their money and show up for work while trying to make deadlines and often working in tight spaces with other trades.

I want to thank the crews that have worked on our house since this summer. When it was a bazillion degrees there were guys moving shale in the beating sun and digging out our foundation, another crew came to pour it, then the framers came in to do their thing. Sometimes it was blazing hot out and other times they were rushing to beat a thunderstorm. Weather in Maine is fickle and it can be dangerous too. Our plumbers dealt with changes and our electricians Jerry and Cody not only helped me plan my electrical but offered a lot of design advice as well. Our Project manager Jesse is the ringleader of this circus and keeps things moving.

All of the talented people that have worked on our house are very proud of the work that they do and it really shows. We tried to acknowledge that with little "tips". We bought the framers lunch one day, 13 Amato's Italians and 5 bags of chips. The Friday before that we dropped off a few suitcases of beer at the end of their day. I brought Italian sandwiches and Pumpkin Head to Cody and Jerry. Matt and Blaine each got a $35 gift card. These folks are working so hard, we want them to feel appreciated.

Do you tip tradesmen that have done work for you? Are you working in a trade and have had a client do something nice for you? Comment on our Fan Page.



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