It's the time of season when most Mainer's are starting to wonder what kind of winter we're gonna have this year.

Is it gonna be a brutal pummeling one or a gentle one of softly falling flakes now and then?

With it be so cold that it physically hurts or will we enjoy most days above freezing? And how long will it go on?

These are just few of the questions that are starting to race around our brains as the leaves are falling all around and we are tempted daily to turn on the thermostat.

Well today we came across a weather authority to help prepare us for what might lie ahead.

WMTW via YouTube
WMTW via YouTube

It's a woolly bear caterpillar. It kind of looks like a tiny, fancy chimney cleaning brush doesn't it?

Watch as our friend Ted McInerney meteorologist extraordinaire from WMTW 8 explains this fascinating folklore.

According to Ted, the caterpillars black and brown bands tell us what kind of winter is on the way.

Apparently, size does matter. Now this is how we do the weathah up heah. Yessuh.

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