My son and I were driving by a doughnut shop earlier today and he remarked, "I wonder if they have vegan options there?" He watched a documentary on Netflix last week called, "What the Health". After dabbling with vegetarianism for a few years and learning more from the movie, he has decided to try going vegan. That means no meat, eggs, or dairy.

He is very passionate about his dietary direction and of course would like to see his parents follow suit. My wife and I are trying adding in the vegan options. We're still eating fish, turkey, and chicken at the moment. But who knows? Maybe we'll get there too. It's truly amazing how many meatless options there are out there now.

And then of course there's the always the question of what we get to eat for treats? We found some "ice cream" made with almond milk the other day and it's really great. And then there's one of our favorite indulgences. DOUGHNUTS! Where are the vegan doughnuts?

Looks like we don't have to wait much longer for that miracle. According to the Portland Press Herald, a new doughnut shop will be opening soon in Kittery.

The article says,

"The owners of Lovebirds, Tamara Monroe and Ryan MacDougall, grew up in Maine, and have just moved back from Boston, where they had been working in marketing and finance. Both have restaurant experience, too – MacDougall cooked and managed restaurants in Maine for 10 years, and Monroe worked her way through high school and college with restaurant jobs.

Monroe is a vegan and MacDougall is not, but they both love slow-raised yeast doughnuts and have dreamed of opening their own shop, Monroe said. She said it was important to her that the shop sell only vegan products, so all of Lovebirds’ doughnuts will be free of eggs, milk, honey and butter (they use a vegan butter). “We found that the recipes are not lacking in any way,” she said."

Springtime looks like it's going to be sweet and healthier for this rookie family of vegans! Just look a these!

And these!

Freakin' yum, dood!

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