Outta state-ahs will probably need subtitles to figure out what the heck these real Mainahs are saying about our winter. But if you're a native you'll understand everything you hear. Remember when we all went crazy over the bloopers video, "Baked in a buttery, flaky crust". We couldn't get enough of this ol’ Maine fella (who can’t for the life of him deliver the line right) and mothah gettin’ wicked frustrated. Well, that adorable (could be your nana and grampa) couple also appears in another great Maine commercial. They, along with other locals highlight these popular winter sayings from up heah:

  • "Real Mainahs can handle wintah."
  • "3, 4 foot a snow?"
  • "Noreastah"
  • "Pffft...just a dusting."
  • "How much we gonna get?" 
  • "Hahd tellin not knowin"
  • "Just plow the doah yahd."
  • "Then plow it again."

Sound familyah?

It's another great commercial the world-famous Dysart’s restaurant in Hermon and Bangor.  Great phrases we all use and something we all love this time of year, comfort food!

ICYMI...here’s that viral full blooper reel! "Baked in buttery crispy flake" Friggin' funny every time!

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