According to, Americans are spending their lunch breaks doing lots of other stuff besides eating.

According to Maine Labor Laws, employees are to receive a 30 minute meal break after six consecutive hours of work, with the exceptions of emergencies or if the nature of the job allows for frequent breaks during the work day. The rules are different for minors.

I get calls from my sister during her lunch break, I'm not sure she even eats. Some of my friends go for a walk. But most people spend time on the internet.

A new survey shows that of the people taking lunch breaks:

  • 52% spend it online
  • 51% use it to catch up with emails and personal calls
  • 47% chat and socialize with coworkers
  • 32% run errands
  • 32% read
  • 30% take a walk or get some exercise
  • and sadly, 29% keep working

Remember when we had lunch hours? We actually had time to sit down and order food or fit in a doctors appointment. Those were the days. Do you take your lunch break, and if you do, where do you go and what do you do? Comment on our Fan Page.



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