According to WMTW, the Berwick Police were called to the home of Kirk Hansen by his probation officers who discovered 140 canning jars of pot in his house. The Berwick P.D.'s search turned up ten pounds of pot, 29 bottles of tincture, joints, edibles, other drugs and six thousand dollars in cash.

Mason Jars aren't just for pickles and peaches, they're also great for keeping pot fresh. Just ask Kirk, he had 140 of them along with a wide array of drugs. Spelling them all will be a challenge, but here we go: Dextromethamphetamine, Suboxone, Alprozolam, Hydrocodone and Amphetamine. This huge stash has landed Hansen in probation hold and he's facing felony charges for unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs and other crimes.

So, even though pot is now legal in Maine, adults are only allowed to carry a half ounce of it. Filling up your root cellar with canning jars of it is a no-no.

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