How will you remember your time spent in quarantine? I sometimes worry that I won't remember enough of the good things about it; that maybe I'll always fall into how hard it was and forget the silver lining. I've decided to make a time capsule so that I don't.

Off the top of my head I grabbed this year's picture of our girls, taken for me as a Mother's Day gift by my good friend and amazing photographer, Jewel Church. This one was a twofer; a current picture and a sentimental memory. Jewel was so thoughtful to do this for me. Best gift ever.

Next was our March 2020 calendar that has been hanging in our pantry untouched since the poop hit the fan. It hung frozen in time, a reminder that everything stopped. There became no reason to look at it, all appointments and events were cancelled. As I put away groceries this week I noticed it and it gave me a chill. When will I need a calendar again? Will I even get one for Christmas this year?

I included a recipe for Instant Pot Mongolian Beef that our family discovered, and we really, really liked it. I had been curious about the Instant Pot for a while and when we went into lock down it seemed like a sensible purchase, I was getting sick of cooking and delivery wasn't happening for us yet. I needed some assistance in the culinary department and thought that Amazon could fill the need. I was buying and freezing beef because we worried that we wouldn't be able to get it down the road for our new  favorite quarantine meal. I will include all of this information in our time capsule.

In April I ordered these fabulous Patriots face masks, they just arrived. I bought them for the Pats fans in my life; my brother Bobby, sister Danielle and my mom. I wanted to send them something that would make them smile, and even though it was terrifying to consider that we actually had to put on a mask to leave our homes, I wanted them to remember their favorite obsession and also feel loved by me when they put one on.

I'm still collecting bits and bobs to include in the time capsule and I can't wait to see what the rest of the family comes up with. I want the memories to be as balanced as they can be. I am enjoying the people that I live with, and when we all look back on this time I want them to know that for certain.

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