According to News Center Maine, if you were in Washington, Maine, last Friday, you might have seen a Dodge Stratus with a calf sticking it's head out the window. That was Patches, on his way to his new home in New Gloucester.

Patches probably looked like a big dog as he stuck his head out the window. Riding next to him in the back seat was another calf named Midnight.

They were on their way to join two more calves, 100 chickens, 90 ducks and two geese at a four-acre property in New Gloucester owned by Kenny Foster, the news station reported.

Watching the video, Kenny seems to really enjoy having the calves riding along, despite the fact that he forgot to put a tarp on his backseat. Kenny shrugs it off, saying that they are just babies and he'll do a good job cleaning up when they get home. He's used to farm life!

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