According to the Bangor Daily News, Madawaska is throwing their hat in the ring to attract tourists, and it's kind of genius. Madawaska is the farthest Northeast corner of the U.S. and has built a cool stop for travelers doing the Four Corners- of the United States, or of Maine.

Madawaska is one of the four corners of the U.S., the other three are: Blaine, Washington, San Ysidro, California and Key West, Florida.

To draw in tourists, Madawaska has built Four Corner Park as a stop for people who ride or drive to the four corners within 21 days. The park has a lighted fountain, a fireplace, a granite monument, engraved stones to honor those who have made the trip and lots of beautiful landscaping that make for great pictures.

The folks of Madawaska have come up with a new challenge, and this is where entry to the "Titanium Butt Club" comes in. They have declared the four corners of Maine to be Madawaska, Lubec, Kittery and Grafton Notch. Complete the ride and buy a cool t-shirt for $25. Do it five times and you become an honored member of the "Titanium Butt Club". This challenge has no time limit and it sounds like a great way to get to know our state.

Would you be interested in doing either of the four corner challenges? Comment on our Fan Page. Could be a gorgeous fall ride!


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