As some Mainers return to work things are definitely different and there is a wide range of comfort level for people returning to workplaces. How do we do it as safely as possible and prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Every workplace is different, and some even need to be redesigned. Here at One City Center we went through a complete remodel that included cubicles that have extended height to provide more protection. Employees were also moved around according to when we would be in, in order to separate us. That wasn't very popular, many steps we need to take to be safe are not.

Good Housekeeping has a really good article with helpful information, including the return to work guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control.

Beyond hand washing, hand sanitizers and masks that must be worn properly, here are some more best practices recommended in the article for going back to your workplace:

  • Remove the things that everyone touches, no more candy dishes. We are even using only disposable coffee cups.
  • Stagger shifts and disinfect between them.
  • Clean air filters and increase air flow. Get fresh air in if you can.
  • Redirect foot traffic so that workers can maintain social distance. I'm trained to look down for tape arrows and places to stand. I'm surprised there's any Duct Tape left on the shelves.
  • Limit the amount of people allowed in the bathroom, kitchen and other shared spaces.
  • Only hold meetings virtually or outside while social distancing. Air conditioning is enjoyed as much by the virus as it is by humans. Indoor meetings, even in larger rooms, are risky according to the C.D.C.
  • Disinfect everything you can. Wipe down light switches, door knobs, drawer pulls and of course sink fixtures often.

Our workspace has changed dramatically since COVID-19 hit, has yours? Do you feel comfortable returning to your workplace? Comment on our Fan Page.

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