According to, the new #trashtagchallenge has inspired an outdoor spring cleaning movement. It started in Arizona, went nationwide and has now gone global. Mainers love our naturally beautiful state and have jumped on board.

Steven Reinhold was on a ten mile hike a few years ago when he was inspired to pick up trash along his way, #trashtag was born, turned into a social media smash and now over a million pieces of trash are picked up everyday. So cool!

As Mainers get outdoors for warmer spring weather, it's a great idea to bring a trashbag with you to collect trash that you see on your travels.

Take part in the #trashtagchallenge by taking a picture of a spot that needs some tidying up and then post an after picture of your improved surroundings. Before and after pics of anything are a great motivator. Watching all the nasty debris left under the winter snow being revealed along the sides of trails and in our parks is a bummer, and it's not going anywhere unless we physically take it there!

Join the #trashtag challenge and post your pictures of a beautiful, clean Maine.


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