Maine is one of 3 New England states that show a large spike in quitting jobs according to new data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The most recent data released is from November 2021 in which almost 23,000 workers said..."I quit". That is up from about 32% from the previous month according to an article by Mainebiz.

When many thought that the "Great Resignation" would be slowing down, our neighbor to the west, New Hampshire, had the highest spike in the country of people quitting their jobs at 4.5%. Vermont ranked number 2 at 4.4%.

Some experts speculate that job seekers are much more interested in jobs that offer a much more flexible work/life ration, many others are seeking more pay that is needed to address inflation and rising costs of life in general such as food, gas, and housing.

Many businesses are still in survival mode and simply can not offer higher wages or risk having to close the business. With tourist season ahead and an uncertain timeline on a rapid reduction in Covid-19 cases, everyone seems to be taking a cautious approach with optimism for a brighter 2022.

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