Maine rightfully is Vacationland. The well-earned nickname has only grown stronger over the years, especially with the state gaining more and more exposure (thanks, world wide web).

Maine is constantly being compared, contrasted, dissected, observed, and reviewed by websites from across the globe. These articles can be great reference guides to future Maine vacationers or residents.

One of these articles comes from the folks at some company named L.L. Bean. Hmmmm, never heard of it. It looks popular, though. I'm kidding. Of course I know L.L. Bean. What kind of Mainer do you think I am?

The major retailer is also a tremendous reference guide for all things outdoors. This includes an article they posted about the best unknown hikes in every state. It's a list of 50 hikes that L.L. Bean contributors believe need much more attention.

The choice for Maine is an interesting one, because it's located in the vastly popular Acadia National Park. However, it's not one of the trails that ever gets any attention. The hike is the Bernard Mountain Loop Trail.

jeffrronx via youtube
jeffrronx via youtube

Located right in the heart of the park, the Bernard Mountain Loop Trail is a 4.1-mile loop known for its beauty and seclusion. All Trails describes it as a great trail for birding and trail running, especially due to the inactivity. The trail summits Bernard Mountain, which is just slightly over 1,000 feet, and has wonderful views at the top. The trail is considered challenging, so it's not necessarily for everyone.

What an outstanding choice by L.L. Bean. This seems like the perfect type of trail for hiking enthusiasts to attempt, especially if the other crowded Acadia hikes aren't what you are looking for. I know how brutal it can be to constantly deal with slow queues and loud folks all around you. There's nothing like a quiet hike to truly make you feel one with nature.

jeffrronx via youtube
jeffrronx via youtube

L.L. Bean's article is a wonderful reference guide for not just Maine, but every state. I'm already eyeing up New Hampshire and Vermont's selections. You can check out the entire list here. I must say, the 2024 hiking season is already coming together.

Happy hiking.

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