As the public becomes more aware of the nationwide clown "epidemic", more sightings are reported...but is it just one giant unfunny hoax?

Tuesday morning most Mainers awoke to a story out of Orono that a creepy clown sighting had been reported to police, with the department levying a stern warning that any threatening clown behavior would not be tolerated. Twenty-four hours later, and the clown hysteria has spread nearly statewide.

Tuesday evening, a clown sighting was reported in Kennebunk, as the picture above states. Additional sightings were claimed to be made in Bath, Wells, Gorham (near the University of Southern Maine) as well as in Standish (near St. Joseph's College). Some people have taken to social media to express their legitimate concern while others have been calling this an unfunny hoax right from the beginning.

Most of the hysteria seems to be pinned to Twitter and various accounts who "report" clown sightings across the country. These accounts don't name sources, post pictures or give any particular details on the exact time or exact location a clown has been spotted in a particular town. That has led several people to call shenanigans, instead saying these Clown Watch Twitter accounts are simply making up the sightings to inspire fear and inflate their Twitter followers.

While it may seem like this clown hysteria is simply something to brush off, officials statewide in Maine continue to urge the public to be mindful of any individuals dressed as clowns acting erratically and to report those sightings. Better safe than sorry.

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