One of my family's favorite haunts is Nonesuch Books in Millcreek. This local store has so much random, entertaining stuff that we can't stay away. Sabelle and I were in last week checking out some fancy soaps, when I spied with my little eye, Geary's Pale Ale Liquid Soap. Intrigued, I unscrewed the top to smell it. Eeesh! It smelled like my hands at 1:15 in the morning in 1992 after a night of dancing with a beer in my hand at Amigo's! Fifty eight dollars later, we left the store. But I couldn't get the soap out of my mind, or the funk of it out of my head. I fired up my iPad and checked out the Geary's online shop where I ordered a tap to replace our kitchen faucet, but there was no Geary's soap! Then I checked out the Sunflower Hill shop, maker of said soap. They are a groovy little business straight outta' Hollis, Maine. Again, no Geary's soap. They did have other alcohol themed options for slathering and lathering; "Chardonnay" and "On the Rocks" scented soaps! A quick Google search led me to what may be an expired page about the Geary's soap, but I love the story. If you want to smell like a brewery, without the buzz or calories, check out Nonesuch Books in South Portland for Geary's Pale Ale Hand Soap!

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