The C-U Swish-Out Childhood Cancer Challenge has been happening for 27 years. Usually, hundreds of Mainers get together at the giant USM gym in Gorham to play 3-on-3 and raise a ton of money for charity. The Swish-Out Challenge started in 1994, had seven teams, and raised $575. Last year, the tournament had nearly 60 teams and raised $50,000 for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program.  Total it all up and the tournament has raised $525,000 for children with cancer and their families. That’s amazing. And these great folks are not going to let the pandemic stop Maine’s longest, continuous-running charity basketball tournament.

So this year, the tournament continues. With a virtual twist.

This year’s event, which is sponsored by Town and Country FCU will be a ‘virtual’ 3-on-3, co-ed, free throw competition that will take place over a 4-week period. There is an adult division and three junior divisions available. If you've got a regulation hoop, indoors or out, then you’re good to go!

“Unfortunately, health concerns and protocols regarding in-person events prevent this year’s Swish-Out from happening in person in its usual format. However, the reality is the need to raise funds for children with cancer and their families is still very much needed. As a result, we decided to hold the Swish-Out but it looks a little different this year. We promise it will still be fun and continue the long tradition of raising funds for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program,” explained Jon Paradise, Tournament Founder and the Senior VP of Communications, Marketing and Community Outreach for Town & Country FCU, which is the presenting sponsor of the event.

Jon Paradise
Jon Paradise


There is one adult division, and three junior divisions – high school; 7th/8th grade; and 5/6th grade. There is a $75 flat entry fee for each team, but participants can raise additional funds online.

Register for this year’s event

For more information, including the format for the tournament, please call or text Jon Paradise at 207.653.2309; or email

100% of all money raised through registration, sponsorships, and contributions will go directly to the Maine Children’s Cancer Program.

Let's go!!


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